Still debating whether you really need to spend the extra money for a wedding coordinator? Here are 7 reasons to consider:

1. You Can’t Direct Your Own Wedding

The mother of the bride can’t either. And your family and friends should be able to relax and celebrate the day with you. Unless your wedding is very small, casual affair, you will need someone to manage the logistics of the day.

2. You Need Direction

If you meet with your wedding coordinator early in your planning process, she can equip you with organizational tools and set you on the right track. That will make all the difference in the world – kind of like driving with a GPS vs “feeling your way around” a new city you’ve never driven in before.

A wedding coordinator is not about luxury. It’s about your sanity, peace of mind, and a beautifully organized day.

3. You’re a Rookie

No matter how organized and detail-oriented you may be, you’re still a rookie. And you are embarking on the biggest day of your life with no wedding planning experience. A wedding coordinator will always help you view the day through the lens of a professional. She will think of those “little things” you didn’t even know to think about.

4. Volunteers Still Need to be Managed

Even if you are relying on volunteers,  you will still need someone in charge to make sure their jobs are getting done correctly. In fact, you are probably more likely to need a wedding coordinator the more you depend on volunteers to do various tasks for you.

5. It’s About To Get Stressful

You can’t imagine the enormous web of details your wedding coordinator will skillfully comb through the final weeks before your wedding. But you will realize at that point that choosing the right coordinator was the best decision you’ve ever made, next to saying “yes” to your fiancee.

6. You Need To Have a Life

You don’t want to be calling vendors, stressing over details you might have missed, and constructing a master timeline from scratch the week before you get married.  Your wedding isn’t about just the day, but about celebrating with special friends & family who have gathered together, and preparing for the wonderful journey called “marriage” that lies ahead. So you should really use any “extra” time to steal a few sweet moments with the love of your life!

7. Ignorance Is Bliss

It’s better to blissfully celebrate the day without knowing all the near-disasters that your wedding coordinator has secretly handled behind the scenes.  And much better than you trying to handle the surprises yourself.

These are only 7 reasons why you need a wedding coordinator. We can think of many more, but if you are still unsure, let’s have a talk about your wedding. We don’t mind sharing advice and we only recommend our services if we feel they are truly needed.