planning your own wedding

Planning your own wedding seems easy in the beginning. You’ve got family support. Or maybe you just have time – up to a year or more to plan your big day. So you say to yourself, “I can do this!” You turn to the internet and lo and behold there are wonderful free planning lists that tell you what you are supposed to do x months before your wedding. There are lists, checklists, spreadsheets, even apps to guide you through the process. The problem is that all those kind of resources are great for what I call the “macro” planning stage, getting all the major pieces in place like picking your venue, buying your dress, and finding your photographer. But then comes the “micro” stage – you know, all the fine DETAILS and LOGISTICS of the wedding day. That’s where all those great resources go strangely silent. Which explains why planning your own wedding seems easy in the beginning, until one day you wake up and reality smacks you in the face. And you realize you need help.

The micro or logistics planning stage is always the most stressful stage of wedding planning. That’s when everything comes down to the wire and you have this nagging feeling that you haven’t thought of everything. And there’s a lot you don’t know. Like how do you know to plan a timeline for your wedding day when you don’t know how long stuff takes? What’s the best way to order the events at my reception so it doesn’t drag or seem awkward? Who’s going to place the programs on the foyer table, or light the candles back at the reception, or figure out how to get the wedding party down the aisle on time?

Add fear. Did I remember everything???  Did we put lighters on the list?  Wait, I never thought about an extra cake knife/server set for the groom’s cake!

The details and logistics of planning a wedding can seem overwhelming. Which is why, even though we specialize in wedding coordination and are a little biased, we strongly recommend everyone uses a coordinator if they don’t already have a wedding planner. What makes One Day To Treasure shine is that we actually love logistics! We created our own Logistics Planning Tool that covers every point of your ceremony and reception from waking up to driving off at the end of the evening, because we couldn’t find any resource that covered logistics in the same detail that we do. We have put countless HOURS into this effort and keep tweaking based on EXPERIENCE.

We also begin working with you 2-3 months before your wedding, which covers the entire logistics planning phase. We meet with you earlier than most coordinators, so when we uncover loose ends, you have time to fix them. If you don’t meet with your coordinator until 3-4 weeks before, you need to have most all the details already in place or you will be running around hectically taking care of to do’s a week before your wedding. Who likes the sound of that? Not only that, but we can do a lot of the set up work for you (and bring our decor) in addition to managing your vendors and coordinating your day. Whew!

Planning your own wedding may seem easy in the beginning, but it really can end smoothly when you have a coordinator to pull together all the details and handle a lot of the wedding day tasks for you. In the end, you’ll save money by not using a full planner AND keep your sanity. The best of both worlds!




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