wedding coordination
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At One Day To Treasure, we specialize in wedding coordination and tablescape decor. Our wedding coordination customers receive our greatest attention since we do not offer full wedding planning services. So if you are planning your wedding but would like a little or a lot of professional assistance, you are in the right place!


Our Wedding Coordination Packages

As we have grown in our business, we have re-designed our packages to offer the options our couples ask for the most. However, we can always customize a package if you don’t find an exact match to what you are looking for.  All weddings are unique, so our packages are meant as a starting point for you.


Month of Wedding Coordination

Some couples know what they want, have the time and ability to plan everything, and have great support from family and friends. These types of couples generally have all their decor as well. They just need a professional to take their plans during the final 6 weeks and fine tune all the details, pointing out any loose ends and helping tie everything together. They want to be able to enjoy the day while someone else manages everything and keep things flowing according to schedule. If this describes you, then please check out our month of-wedding package.


Lily Diamond Wedding Management

Our Lily Diamond Wedding Management Package is truly unique and packed with all the extras that many of our couples are looking for or don’t even realize they need until they get closer to the day! Think of our wedding management packages as wedding coordination plus MORE.

The first “MORE” is extra planning assistance. Even though you are not paying for a full wedding planner, we have redesigned our packages to include features that give you more wedding planning support from start to finish. Although we don’t begin officially meeting with you until 3 months before your wedding, we provide you with our planning tools so that you are organized and on top of things, making the rest of the way a smoother experience. We DON’T want you to be stressed out in those final weeks leading up to your wedding because of disorganization, trying to cram too much in at the end, etc. So we have carefully designed and redesigned our planning tools to help YOU plan your wedding like a pro! We have also included an extra planning meeting to assist you.

The second “MORE” is all the extras like set-up assistance, centerpieces, table linens, decor, etc. If you need any of these extras, please consider the value our wedding management packages offer. The more we do and provide for you, the less work you have doing it all yourself. The main goal after all the money and time that goes into planning a wedding is for you to ENJOY your day! This is very hard to do when you are exhausted trying to do too much yourself!

Lily Diamond Wedding Management  includes wedding decor for your guest book and display tables with styling, plus we set up all your tablecloths and centerpieces for you! This is a huge time consuming task taken off your hands! Add additional options such as free choice of ANY of our centerpiece items, including our table runners! Other options include tablecloths and table setting items! Read more here.


Why You Need a Wedding Coordinator

Finally, if you are still aren’t convinced you really need a wedding coordinator, check out our 7 reasons here.