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What’s the worst thing that could happen?

It’s only natural to have a few fears leading up to your wedding day. What if it pours down the rain right in the middle of the outdoor ceremony? What if I embarrass myself in front of the guests? What if a vendor doesn’t show up?

Even if ALL of above happened, which is highly unlikely, it STILL would not be the worst thing that could happen on your wedding day. You might get wet, have a good laugh, and make do without the vendor, and still ENJOY the sweet moments with the man you are pledging your heart to IN SPITE OF the unique imperfections of your wedding day. After all, you will be loving him throughout a lifetime of imperfections that will be yet to come! 🙂

And so that leads us to truly the worst thing that could happen on your wedding day. That your mind was so distracted and scattered by the stress of planning that you were not FREE to celebrate and enjoy the way you wished. That everything was so rushed that the day passed by like a blur in your mind. And details were forgotten. That your mom was rushing around fixing the problem with the flowers or decor and missed the funny moments and the little things that busy people don’t have time to notice. Because a lot of heart, soul, effort, little-girl-fairy-tale-wedding-dreaming, and yes, MONEY went into this day. All of that was not just to execute an event but to create an experience. An experience so memorable & delightful that you can replay it in your mind whenever times are tough & it will light a little fire in your soul. An experience that will be fondly remembered and shared with your forever love, family and friends.

But fear not! The worst thing that could happen at your wedding WON’T happen with a few key elements like a solid planning system, savvy decision making from the on-setm, and (super important!) a top notch wedding coordinator whose attention to detail can relieve so much stress you don’t want to be carrying. Having the right perspective will go a long way too!

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