If you are planning your own wedding, you may wonder if you really need a “day of wedding coordinator”.  Unlike a full wedding planner, this a professional who comes alongside you in the final weeks or even months of your wedding planning to flesh out all the details and execute your plan on your wedding day so you can relax and enjoy being the bride. The question is – is a day of wedding coordinator essential or a luxury you could  do without?

The answer to that question does depend on a few factors. Is your wedding a small, casual affair? Are you relying on mostly volunteers and friends with very few actual wedding vendors? In both of those situations, a professional day of wedding coordinator may not be needed. Otherwise, if you are not using a full wedding planner, I believe a day of wedding coordinator should rank high on your wedding budget priority list. Here are a few considerations:

  1. A day of wedding coordinator is about more than just “the day”. A good day of wedding coordinator (DOC) will get to know you personally and truly understand the vision for your wedding. She will be like a trusted friend you can go to whenever you have questions, particularly in the last hectic month leading up to your wedding.
  2.  Not all DOC’s are created equal. Some step in a few weeks before your wedding and some the month before. Others may step in 2-3 months before your wedding to help you through the final logistics of your wedding planning. I would always recommend using someone who begins at least a month before your wedding so you can have someone who has time to get to know, tie all loose ends and think of all those last details.  (If you are looking for a wedding coordinator in the Huntsville, AL area you will be happy to know that even with our standard package, we step in a full 2 months before your wedding!)
  3. What do you want to be doing the last week or two before your wedding? This is an important factor often overlooked. Your wedding isn’t just about the day – it’s also about the days before the day. Will your family be arriving from out of town? Do you have special friends you’d like to share a last “single” moment with? Moms of the bride – do you want to have a last special moment with your daughter? The last weeks will still be busy, even with a day of wedding coordinator. But as your DOC spends her time preparing a detailed master timeline so the day will flow smoothly, calls your vendors, and double-checks information, you can be relieved of that workload and focus on the relationships that matter most.
  4. No matter how organized you are, it is impossible to be the director and star of the same production. Weddings have lots of components and details that must all come together according to a set time frame. That means someone has to be in charge if you want the day to unfold seamlessly and flow naturally.
  5. While some venues may have a “venue coordinator”, this should not be confused with a day of wedding coordinator. The venue coordinator has a more narrow focus – to make sure everything runs smoothly at the venue. A DOC has both a broad and in-depth focus. She will know everything about your wedding – the things you want and don’t want to happen. She will manage the other vendors, see to it that all tasks are completed according to your wishes, develop a timeline, and handle everything behind the scenes. She will also help you pull together the details of your wedding during that final month or two.


While it may be unsettling to think about turning over all your plans to someone else & entrusting someone else to execute your vision for the day, a good day of wedding coordinator will do just that. She will not do things her way, but your way. She is a person who specializes in mastering the small details, so you can be freed from those concerns. After working so hard to plan your wedding, it makes sense to use a little bit of the money you save to truly enjoy it!

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