the perfect wedding…redefined!

You want your day to be extraordinary but not in a stressful, break-the-bank, Hollywood production kind of way.

Extraordinary as in simple, thoughtful and real.

 A perfect wedding does not have to be extravagant or costly. It can be just your style – small, intimate and beautiful – at a fraction of the cost of a traditional wedding.

pop-up weddings Huntsville, AL
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All-inclusive Small Wedding Packages

Finally! An affordable solution for couples who want a small, stylish wedding

with their closest family & friends. All for under $3500!



What are pop-up weddings?

Couples who want something besides a traditional wedding costing thousands of dollars used to have basically two choices: elopement or getting married at the courthouse! Now pop-up weddings are gaining popularity everywhere, and for good reason.  They provide that much needed alternative for couples who want something with a little style, no fuss or drama, and far less expense than a traditional wedding.

Pop-up weddings are short & sweet celebrations with just your closest family and friends,  completely planned for you, that usually “pop up” in unique locations. The philosophy behind them is simple… literally. Simplicity is back in style, and couples these days are starting to embrace that concept for their wedding day.  Although traditional weddings are wonderful in many ways, the stressful process of planning and the jammed packed wedding day itself cause many couples to just want it over already! As an alternative, pop-up weddings capture a spirit where the the bride & groom spend their day focused on their love for each other, not on hundreds of details.



Our style of pop-up weddings

Instead of pop-up weddings, we prefer to call our unique service small intimate weddings. We think this name reflects the true spirit and philosophy behind the package we offer to our Huntsville and North Alabama area couples. Either way, our small intimate weddings share many of the features of pop-up weddings including a short and sweet wedding celebration with your closest family and friends (we include up to 30!), completely planned and coordinated for you!   We partner with professional wedding vendors in the Huntsville, AL area who are excited to offer their services to our couples.  However, we still incorporate many personalized choices for you so that your celebration is original, meaningful, and reflects your personalities!



What does a small intimate wedding look like?

One of the greatest things about our small intimate weddings is that we take care of everything for you, while still adding the beautiful touches that you will appreciate.  Experience the gorgeous bride & groom photos that you usually only get with more expensive weddings, a pretty bouquet, the cutting the cake moment and more – all in a short and sweet private celebration that reflects your unique love story.

Afterward you can continue your celebration by going out to dinner, hanging out with friends, or maybe having a special family gathering.  So instead of all the stress and expense, you can enjoy a simply beautiful wedding day!

We team up with great wedding venues and vendors across the Huntsville/North Alabama region including Madison, Morgan, Limestone and Marshall counties.  You tell us your preferences regarding date, location, style, etc. and we present you with options to choose from. Generally it takes at least 30 days to plan your wedding. Meanwhile the only thing you need to do is obtain your marriage license, find something to wear, and invite your guests to celebrate with you!


pop-up weddings Huntsville AL
Photo Credit: Gari-Ann Kia Photography


small intimate pop up weddings

Pricing & Details

Our base package includes all the following:


  CEREMONY/RECEPTION:     A private 2-hour week-day ceremony & reception time which includes a 30 minute Bride & Groom portrait session. You will not be sharing the space with any other couples and can invite up to 30 guests, more than the usual pop-up weddings we’ve seen. You can choose the date, subject to venue availability. After your wedding, many couples choose to extend the celebration by going out to dinner and/or gathering with family and friends.


OFFICIANT:     A licensed officiant to perform your legal ceremony


PHOTOGRAPHER:     Wedding photos by one of our partner professional wedding photographers. We feel strongly about beautiful, quality wedding photos, and perhaps so do you! You will receive a minimum of 150 professionally edited digital images capturing most of the major moments of the “expensive weddings” including the ceremony, family photos, bride and groom portraits, details, cutting the cake and more!


FLOWERS:     A gorgeous bridal bouquet and coordinating boutonniere by one of our preferred vendors.


CAKE:     A sweet and simple, single-tiered buttercream cake and/or cupcakes to share with your guests.  Cold beverages such as tea or lemonade will be served, along with a sparkling cider toast for the bride & groom.


MUSIC:     Choose your processional song.  Music can also be played during your reception time.  An an Ipod or similar device (yours or ours) will be connected to a professional sound system.


DECOR:     Simple, elegant decor from One Day To Treasure or other vendors according to your preferred style.


PERSONALIZATION:     While some aspects of the day are fixed in offer our affordable price, we want your day to tell your story. You can choose to write your own vows and add other custom touches. We want your day to feel like you.


COMPLETE WEDDING PLANNING:     A wedding planner to plan all the details, coordinate the wedding day, set up and clean up!


The Bottom Line

The price for our standard package is only $2700!  The only other required cost is the venue rental. We have partnered with some beautiful venues across North Alabama who offer great rates for our couples.  Venue rental fees usually range from $200-$700.  We will work with you to select a venue that meets your needs, style and budget!


The Real Bottom Line

That means you can have a simply perfect intimate wedding day for under $3500!



pop up weddings Huntsville AL
Photo Credit: Gari-Ann Kia Photography



small intimate weddings Huntsville AL
Photo Credit: Gari-Ann Kia Photography



pop up weddings Huntsville AL
Photo Credit: Gari-Ann Kia Photography


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