Is there one thing that all couples should never cut in their wedding budget? I believe so. And no, I’m not talking about the professional photographer or the entertainment or even the wedding coordinator! The one thing you should never cut in your wedding budget is the one thing that matters most to you. Don’t cut it, economize it, or otherwise compromise on it. Here’s why:

When you are planning a wedding and the budget is tight, the natural response is to look for ways to save money, going down your budget line by line.  The problem with that approach is that the one thing most important to you will stick out in your budget like a neon sign – a big expensive neon sign – because it usually isn’t cheap. It’s that one thing you’ve decided to splurge on. It’s pricey because it’s that thing where price wasn’t the most important factor. Whenever you’ve dreamed about your wedding day, you knew you just had to have this one thing if you were to truly have a day of your dreams.

I am a person that tends to look at the bottom line. It’s a good quality…most of the time. And yet, sometimes in life, and especially on an day as important as your wedding day, you want to at least experience something that wasn’t dictated by price but by your heart. When it’s something very close to your heart, you want that on your very special day. Years later, when your wedding budget is a thing of the distant past, you will view the day with fondness particularly because of that special element you got to share with the person and people you love. You don’t want to look back, always thinking, “Why didn’t I…?”

Does that mean you should ditch common sense and drive yourself into debt to afford the wedding of your dreams? Absolutely not. You must set a wedding budget in the beginning and stick to it throughout, and it has to be within the realm of what you can afford. What I am suggesting, however, is that you determine that one important thing and then build your budget around it. Look for ways to cut back and economize in the areas that are not as critical to you. There are many great ideas out there for doing just that. You can even watch our video, “How To Slash Your Wedding Budget” for some great tips.  Here’s where the old adage, “Follow your heart,” may not be as trite as it sounds. Write in your most important thing on your budget in permanent ink and prepare to have no permanent regrets on your most special day.